Gloss Treatment

Gloss Treatment at Radici

Gloss Treatment

A gloss provides intense conditioning and will leave your hair super shiny and smooth. It even reduces a little bit of frizz. The gloss will have your hair feeling healthy and looking freshly polished.

The treatment is actually closing the cuticle layer of the hair tight against the hair shaft, while coating it with a clear protective coating. The result is a very smooth surface texture that is more reflective to light, with an even softer feel.

A gloss is great for repairing any environmental or summer damage you may have. If you’ve spent a little too much time in the sun and chlorine or have been over drying your hair, a gloss treatment will repair and undo all that damage.

Another benefit is that it won’t change your hair color. It’s simply a clear solution with the power of a conditioning treatment. Think of it like a clear coat for your nails.